The “Cornish Rex of the year” – competition rules:

1. This competition is promoted by the FIFe CRX Breed Council and reserved to all FIFe registered Cornish Rex.
2. Show season starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st of each year. Only results obtained during FIFe shows are valid for the competition.
3. Every year the competition will be for “Best CRX adult”, “Best CRX kitten” and “Best CRX neuter”.
4. The same Cornish Rex can compete for more than one category.
5. Participating in the competition is free of charge for both CRX breeders and owners of FIFe registered Cornish Rexes.
6. Adults and Neuters (classes 1 to 10) participate with the cumulative number of points from their best shows (max. 8 shows)
7. Kittens (classes 11 and 12) participate with the cumulative number of points from their best shows (max. 6).
8. Copies of the Judges’ reports will have to be sent to the person in charge (*) to collect and check the points, before the end of February of the following year accompanied by the form attached to this set of rules duly compiled and signed by the breeder/owner. Incomplete entries (i.e. without documentation attached) will be rejected.
9. Results will be published in the FIFe CRX Breed Council website including a list of all Cornish Rexes entered for the competition and pictures of the “TOP 3 CRX" for each category (Adults, Kittens, Neutered).
10. The winners will receive a diploma/certificate from the FIFe CRX Breed Council.

All results will be published on the CRX Breed Council website.

 BEST IN SHOW (all classe)  130
 NOMINATION (all classes) 110
 HONOUR PRIZE (classes 1 and 2)
 Ex1 (classes 3-4) 92
 Ex1 (classes 5-8) 91
 Ex1 (classes 9-10)
 Ex1 (classes 11-12) 93
 Other Ex 88
 Other 0

(*)The person collecting show reports and check points is Kristof Van Roy,
(**) Only best result from each show is counted.